The third stage of the Osho Dynamic Meditation consists of 10 minutes of continuous jumping on the spot whilst shouting the mantra “Hoo” with raised arms. In my personal experience this is the most powerful stage of this meditation technique. Even just ordinary jumping is extremely beneficial to overall health and its benefits were scientifically proven by NASA, while trying to find an effective way to help astronauts recover from muscle and bone’s loss after being in space. The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping is much more than just ordinary jumping. It’s part of a seamless process where each stage works in perfect continuity.

#1 – Boost Your Immune System
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s detox and purification process initiated with the breathing of the first stage, reaches its culmination with the jumping of the third stage. Jumping is considered a powerful detoxifying and immune boosting activity, because it stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the transportation of immune cells throughout the body.

#2 – Improve Your Cardiovascular System
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s breathing of the first stage changes the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. Now the jumping of the third stage helps your heart pump this oxygen-rich-blood more efficiently throughout the body. Hence jumping improves your cardiovascular system and increases your energy level.

#3 – Increase Your Bone Mass
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping is beneficial to the skeletal system. Astronauts lose bone mass in space due to the zero gravity environment; whereas weight bearing exercise increases bone mass. As the NASA’s research proves, jumping is especially effective at supporting the skeletal system, compared to running, because of its increased G-force.

#4 – Protect Your Brain
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping is a form of aerobic exercise. Experts say that just 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, increases levels of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF is an important protein, which is essential for maintaining healthy neurons and creating new ones. For tis reason BDNF is crucial to protect your brain from neuro-degenerative conditions, including Alzheimer and Parkinson.

#5 – Enhance Your Energy
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping enhances your body’s electricity. Your cell membranes are piezoelectric, meaning that they are vibration and pressure sensitive. So every time you jump, the shock reverberates throughout your cell membranes stimulating the production of electricity. The more you jump, the more bio-electricity you produce.

#6 – The Sufi Mantra “Hoo”
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping has to be done with raised arms and whilst shouting the mantra “Hoo” with each out-breath at the exact moment when you land on the floor and hit the ground with your feet. It is a coordinated three-part jump which includes sound, breath and body movement. The “Hoo” comes from the Sufi tradition and it is a powerful sound used to hit specifically your sex centre, where your life energy resides. The aim is to awaken this dormant energy and work against gravity to push it upwards. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will experience first-hand the power of the Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping and how it stimulates the production of bio-electricity. Don’t be surprised if you feel electric current travelling around your body all the way up to your head!

#7 – You Are More Than The Body
The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping can teach you how to access your own reservoir of life-force. Normally we live at a low percentage of our energetic potential. By repeatedly hitting your core energy centre for 10 minutes continuously using sound, breath and body movement you can experience, perhaps for the first time, that you are more than just the body. By tapping into your infinite source of energy, you can feel that there is something beyond the physical level. And by realising that, the doors of meditation  open up to you.

I hope you can now appreciate all the multiple benefits of the Osho Dynamic Meditation’s jumping. Osho says that only when you are at the peak of your energy, you can really enter into meditation. So don’t hold back and don’t miss this opportunity. Jump for your life!

By Chetna & Swaram, www.loveosho.com, Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//