After I hung up my corporate suits, I spent the next two and a half years deepening my understanding of yoga by exploring the ancient Vedic scriptures such as Shiva Sutras and  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as well as Buddhism, in the context of the human body.

Here are 20 sacred secrets which I imbibe in my daily life that I’d like to share with you. Catch the truth!

  1. The human body is a huge possibility because it is the most sophisticated bio-organism as compared to other lower species on planet earth. Whatever the lower species can do, this body has the bio-memories to do it.
  2. To have a human body is so precious, do not waste it.  Lord Buddha declared that it is rare to have a human body. The bible also said that ‘God creates man in his own image.’  It means that God can be realized in this human body.
  3. The human body is made up of the same 5 elements as the Universe – earth (flesh & bone), water (blood), fire (digestion), air (breathing) and ether (mind where visualisation happens)!
  4. The purpose of human birth is to work on the inner software so that we experience our full potentiality.
  5. The human body is created to enjoy the best things in the outer and inner worlds.
  6. The body we create plays a major role in the life structure we are going to have. Work on this body with intensity.
  7. The body and mind are not separate as we think, they are two sides of the same coin.  Working with the body is indirectly working on the mind.
  8. The mind is not the brain, the mind is a mixture of thoughts and engraved memories stored in our muscles memories and bio memories.
  9. The body is matter; our presence is energy i.e. weightless. Weight and presence are directly opposing. More thoughts mean heaviness and lower frequency.
  10. We are neither the body nor the mind, we are something more!
  11. Diseases are related to certain mental setup or mental patterns we carry.
  12. The family we took birth from in this life is equally important because we not only inherit the family related diseases but also the mental setup. Be aware and break the mental patterns.
  13. Our DNA structure is not fixed, we have the power to create a new possibility by breaking free from the old bio-memories in the body.
  14. The body-mind system needs preparation before it can experience the higher consciousness (higher frequency).
  15. The human body is like a mirror, the light coming to the mirror is the cosmic light.  We need to align the mirror to certain posture such that the cosmic light completely reflects itself without distortion or deflection.
  16. The human body heals when we infuse silence into it – be in restful awareness.
  17. Have a friendly attitude towards your body, love and respect this body with acceptance, then you can go beyond this body.
  18. Our body is designed to move and work, the more we move the more we start experiencing energy.
  19. Posture, consciousness and action are closely connected. Each posture creates a certain state of consciousness in us and helps us in particular action.
  20. Creating a yogic body through intense sadhana (practice) is the way to go beyond this body.

By Ma Durga, http://yourpresenceheals.com,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//