What classes are good for beginners?

Yes. All our classes are multi-levelled, ideal for the novice and experienced alike, so you don’t have to worry about having much experience! The classes meet you wherever you are.

What’s the class reservation policy?

Please observe the following class booking procedures:

  • Book online to secure a spot in your preferred class
  • To ensure that you have a spot reserved in your class of choice, we recommend that you reserve 7 days in advance – especially if it’s an evening class.
  • All classes will be shown online and any changes will appear on the weekly schedule.
  • Online bookings will close at 10:00pm for the next day 7:30am classes and 30 minutes prior to the start of the other classes.
  • If class is fully booked, you will be placed on wait list. Multiple wait list bookings are allowed. Upon confirmation of class, your name will be removed from other wait lists.
  • It is important to cancel your booking if you cannot make the class to free the spot up for another member.
  • You may cancel without penalty till 10 pm for the next day 7:30 am classes and 4 hours prior to the start of the other classes.
  • 3 or more late cancellations or no shows over a 1-month period results in your booking privileges being revoked for 2 weeks for the first time; thereafter, booking privileges will be revoked for 1 month. Class attendance will be restricted to in person walk-in.
  • Please check in to the class on arrival at the studio
  • Failure to check in at least 5 minutes prior to class commencing (if you have not cancelled) will mean your spot may be given to another member.
    You’ll need to be early for class, not on time…early! There is no Grace Period after the class begins, and you’ll not be able to join the practice after the start time.

What is the checking in procedure?

Come early! Our sessions start on time and we don’t allow late entry. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your class starts to have time to check-in. Come early, settle into the space and ease into your meditation experience.

Do you have any late policy?

Unfortunately, we do not let people in once the door is closed. So please arrive 10-15 minutes before your class to allow for easy preparation and transition. While we want everyone to enjoy our classes, coming in late does disrupt the flow and is disturbing to those who are already meditating. We have a strict policy for starting and ending classes on time. Please always arrive early, plan time for possible traffic, parking, etc.

Can I leave a session early?

For the benefit of other meditators, you cannot enter after a session has commenced, nor can you leave early. Please only sign up for classes you can participate in from beginning to end. Its very disturbing if someone leaves during class or relaxation.

What’s the studio etiquette policy?

We have just a few things you should keep in mind when you come and take part in our classes, workshops, and events. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with The SPACE 2B Etiquette policy.

WHAT TO WEAR : Come as you are – no dress code required. However we suggest wearing something you feel comfortable to sit in whether jeans, work clothes or workout clothes. There is nothing in particular you have to wear. Suits or skirts are also welcome although we don’t recommend the mini kind, as you will be sitting on a meditation cushion and/or yoga mat. However, if you are new to meditation we recommend dressing comfortably so you have one less distraction.

NO SHOES : Please remove shoes and put them in a cubby upon arrival at the reception area.

NO DRINKS IN ROOMS (Except Water) : Please be kind to our facilities and reduce the clean up needed after each class. Only water is allowed in the studio.

STORING YOUR BELONGINGS : We provide unlocked-shelvings to store your belongings you can use while meditating but these are not locked-security lockers. Please do not bring valuables into the studio. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings while you are at the studio.

USE QUIET VOICES : Just as you don’t want to be disturbed during your meditation, please be mindful of other classes in session. Please use quiet voices as you navigate through our studio.

SILENT MOBILE PHONE : To ensure that everyone has a distraction-free experience, we require all phones to be turned to silent or powered down when you arrive. If you need a charge, just ask us!

FILMING POLICY : Note also that you must not use a camera or video in our studio without written permission.

USAGE : Ensure all cushions, yoga mats, yoga straps, blankets are placed back in the storage area after use.

What's your studio Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy?

Check out Terms of Service page, Privacy Policy page, and Refund Policy page.

Where should I park?

SPACE 2B is located at 2B Stanley Street. There are plenty of parking available around the vicinty. Click here for a list of parking available.

What else does The SPACE 2B offer besides meditation?

We are passionate in giving tools to our members and students to continually awaken, empower and evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually including:

Does SPACE 2B offer private mediation sessions?

We provide support to you on your journey, at some point in your practice life, you might want to consider initiating a private relationship with one of our teachers. It is nice to have somebody there in an ongoing basis to connect with as the need arises, and to assist you to figure out how to continue to engage with the teachings and practices, and help you through the rough spots. Visit our Private page for mode details. You can book a private lesson with any of the teachers or session givers online or by sending us an email at info@space2b.sg

Does SPACE 2B offer corporate sessions?

Definitely! It’s our mission to spread the benefits of meditation everywhere. You come to us, or we go to you – we’ll make this as easy as possible. Visit our Corporate page for more details on the corporate programs we can provide.

Can I rent the space?

Absolutely! Check out Private Events rental page