Upcoming Workshop

OVERWHELM TO CALM : a self-care workshop for sensitive folks WORKSHOP

Date: 14 Jul 2019, Sunday
Workshop hours: 3.30 to 5:00pm
Teachers: Diana

Costs: Single:$75 |Early Bird (48hrs before event):$50 | Member: $50
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get

If you’ve often been told that you’re “too sensitive”, notice that you feel “too much” compared to people around you, or know someone dear to you who often finds experiences and interactions over-stimulating, this workshop is for you.

In the safe, gentle and grounded space of this 1.5 hours experiential workshop, we will:

> understand more about what our sensitivity means in relation to our nervous system and stress
> learn embodied ways to better REGULATE our nervous system by engaging our vagus nerve
> learn about and try a modified, gentle Tension Release Exercise (TRE) practice to RELEASE held tension

Join us for an afternoon of nourishing your body and mind, and leave empowered with a new set of practices to help you or your loved ones better manage in the busy world we live in.

“I have taken several TRE sessions with Diana and have found them to be well structured, with clear instructions on what to expect, and always stressing safety. She provided a safe space for me to explore the variety of shaking in my body. Each session brought different insights and qualities of shaking. Some of the later experiences were quite subtle, and made me realize that there are huge areas within the physical and non-physical bodies to explore and learn from, and where healing can take place.”