Upcoming Workshop


Date: 2, 9, 16 July 2020, Thursdays
Workshop hours: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Teachers: Christina Nikolovski

BRONZE (5 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $180 |
*Share with your family and friends.

Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get

PART I: Connect with Your Original, Pure, Innocent Child [2 July 2020]
PART II: Connect with Your Wounded Child [9 July 2020]
PART III: Re-parenting Your Inner Child [16 July 2020]

This inner child is a tool to help you connect with your emotions and communicate directly with your subconscious mind. We use guided visualisation and affirmations to address both conscious and subconscious processes in this meditation, creating complete and lasting change.

PART I: Connect with Your Original, Pure, Innocent Child [2 July 2020]
You’ll have a meaningful opportunity to spend time to become acquainted with your Inner Child. Allowing you to discover that deep core aspect of yourself such as your likes and dislikes, how it feels, and what it needs. You will also have a chance to accept and nurture your Inner Child. With patience you will experience how to reconnect with the pure, innocent child within you that remains untouched by painful and harmful experiences. ……coming home to the joy of the Inner Child. This allows you to awaken the great joy, beauty and love that is within your own heart.

PART II: Connect with Your Wounded Child [9 July 2020] 

How many of us are living in the mode of protecting, afraid of getting hurt? Always trying to control outcomes? Living in fear? Seeking love? withholding love? Shutting down and withdrawing? Seeking approval? Lack of self worth? Self-judging and judging others? Getting angry and blaming others? In this meditation, we will connect with the childhood instances of being hurt and wounded…you will be finding, helping and nurturing the wounded child from your past.

PART III: Re-parenting Your Inner Child [16 July 2020]
How do we work with our Inner Child to connect and integrate him/her into our being?
You are about to use the most powerful tool available for rewiring beliefs, healing emotional wounds and enhancing your self esteem. Many of us become deeply triggered in our lives by unhealed experiences from childhood, instances where our needs were not met, whether it be love, affection, attention or simple validation.

* Bring a photograph from your past (age 6-12 year old) to get you started if you like.

Book in advance : OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation® Workshop

“This was a wonderful meditation held by two of the most passionate souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The dynamic and energy of the group was incredible.”

Oliver Merrick

“I really really enjoyed learning more tools & have fallen in love with the ‘no dimensions’. I was really inspired by both of your energy & commitment & as a couple. The sharing circles were also a lovely way to connect.”

Camilla Emson