Growing Your Mindful Freedom

Upcoming Workshop

Growing Your Mindful Freedom

Date: 26th January 2019 Saturday
Workshop hours: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Teachers: Toby

Costs: Single :$150  Member: $125
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get

In brief: Are you interested in learning simple but profound meditation and mindfulness practices that enable you to:

  • Enhancing your inner wisdom, mental clarity & wellbeing?
  • Reduce & re-direct the negative stress, difficult emotion & tension you experience?
  • Be able to engage in your life in an even-minded, calm way without losing your passion?
  • Discover new ways of experiencing who you are and how you can engage in your world in a freer and more liberating way?

If so read on!

Workshop Overview: This meditation workshop is an essential guide to the original meditation & mindfulness methods taught by the Buddha after his attainment of liberation under the Bodhi Tree at Bodh-Gaya.

The workshop presents these essential mindfulness practices of the Buddha in a way that will help you to “survive and thrive” amidst your fast-paced contemporary lifestyle.

You will be engaging in concrete meditation practices that will enable you to gain actual experience of the confidence & wisdom that comes from these essential insights of the Buddha.

In this workshop Toby will be explaining simple techniques to meditate, and explain their value and relevance for those of us in contemporary society seeking for enlightened solutions to the problems and challenges that we face in our life.

The Structure of the Workshop:

The workshop will teach four meditation practices:

  • Meditation 1Appreciation of our human life: Enhancing your mental & emotional wellbeing with appreciation, joy and passion
  • Meditation 2 Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable: Identifying the main cause of our mental confusion & reducing it. Understanding the importance of being able to see clearly our own pain, anxiety and discomfortin order to be able to work with it and transform
  • Meditation 3: Find our inner flow by working with impermanence: Being mindful of different types of impermanence and using it to enter into a state of calm, meditative flow
  • Meditation 4 – Who am I?: Discovering through mindfulness a new experience who you are & how you can engage in your world in a freer & more liberating way

There will be full explanations of the practices as well as time for discussion and a short break in the middle of the workshop for tea/refreshments.

You will also receive:

  • Extensive workshop notes giving full details of the meditation practices that are taught, and their context.
  • Four 10-15 minute MP3 meditation recordings, one for each of the meditation practices taught that you can take away and listen to as a support for your personal practice

Book in advance : Going From Over-whelmed to Over-well