Your Soul Song

Upcoming Workshop

Your Soul Song

Date: 21st October 2018 Sunday
Workshop hours: 3 – 6pm
Teachers: Scarlett

Costs: $120 Members: $100
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get

Return to your true voice, your true nature.
Everyone can sing. Yet not everyone of us believe so. That is because we try to sing someone else’s song.  You have a unique song within. You have your own true voice.

In this immersion experience, reach into the depths of your soul and allow your self to be gently guided by the intuitive sounds, rhythms and tones that wish to be expressed from within you. Hear the messages that your soul is whispering to you. Allow creativity to come into form as your soul song. Let Scarlett guide you to listen to your own wisdom and express your true self.

This workshop supports you to:

Get to know your inner voice and express your authentic voice.
Reclaim your voice and/or enhance your voice quality.
Stimulate your creativity.
Hear your messages from within.
Trust your wisdom and intuition.
Strengthen your personal power and confidence in your expression, connection and communication.

Book in advance: Whispers of Love – conversations on Self Love