Optimize your Inner Calm, Strength & Energy

Upcoming Workshop

Optimize your Inner Calm, Strength & Energy

Date: 15th December 2018 Saturday
Workshop hours: 1-4pm
Teachers: Toby

Costs: Single: $160  Member: $135
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

In a sentence: Cultivate inner calm, develop flexibility, strength & wisdom of mind, & discover higher daily energy levels with a single integrated meditation practice.

What You’ll Get

  • Manage your stress & anxiety better, enabling you to be more calmly present to your world & life.
  • Experience powerful thoughts & emotions (both positive & negative) without being swept away by them, thus increasing enjoyment of positive thoughts/emotions, & freeing you from fear of negative ones.
  • Develop a free flowing & flexible experience of concentration
  • Become aware of three levels of energy in your body & gain a practical understanding of how to increase your energy on these three levels through meditation
  • Create a dynamic & harmonious flow of energy in your body, facilitating a natural experience of health & wellbeing.
  • Develop insight & awareness into yourself & your relationships
  • Look deeply into who you are & learn how to live your life from your deepest sense of self
  • Integrate three types of self; your ‘ego self’, your ‘true self’ and your ‘evolving self’ into a wise, dynamic and centered whole.

How does Integral Meditation & Mindfulness work?

Integral Meditation Practice (IMP) takes three classic traditional forms of meditation and updates them in accordance with integral principles to maximize their effectiveness.

The IMP aims to provide optimal inner peace, centeredness, energy & insight in a very doable daily time commitment (10-15mins) for the contemporary meditation & mindfulness practitioner.

  • The IMP takes traditional insight/mindfulness meditation and transforms it into a practice called “Integral Mindfulness Meditation”.
  • The IMP takes traditional subtle body energy meditations, and creates a practice called the “Integral Energy Meditation”.
  • Finally, IMP takes the classic self-enquiry method taught by several of the great wisdom traditions of the world, and creates a meditation form called “Integral Self-Enquiry Meditation”.

These three integral meditation techniques are very practical. You will be given thorough instructions on how to practice them in the workshop (as well as trying them out), and you will be given extensive support materials (details of which see below) to continue your own daily integral meditation practice.

The Structure of the Workshop:

1st Hour – Introduction and talk: An overview, followed by meditation on the Integral Mindfulness Meditation technique, followed by Q&A/reflection.

2nd Hour – Explanation and Practice the Integral Energy Meditation, followed by time for discussion, Q&A, reflection

3rd Hour – Explanation and Practice of the Integral Self Enquiry Meditation, followed by Q&A/discussion.

Conclusion: General advice by Toby for practicing Integral Meditation in daily life

There will also be appropriate short breaks inserted during the course of the workshop for relaxation and refreshment.

You will also receive:

  • Extensive workshop notes giving full details of the meditation practices that are taught.
  • Three 10-15 minute MP3 meditation recordings of the three core Integral Meditation Practices that you can listen to as a support for your daily  personal integral meditation practice