The Butterfly Effect - Small changes in your life can have a huge impact

Upcoming Workshop

The Butterfly Effect – Small changes in your life can have a huge impact

Date: 8 Weekly Class: 8 Wednesdays.

  • 24, 31 October, 2018
  •  7, 14, 21, 28 November, 2018
  •  5, 12 December 2018.

Workshop hours: 10:00am – 11:00am
Teachers: Cecile

Costs: Per Session: $50 | Early Bird (24 hours before the event): $38 | 8 Sessions: $260
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get

Are you living your life on auto-pilot, not having enough time for the things you would like to do? Would you like to invite more calm, clarity and fulfillment into your life? 

I will guide you to focus exclusively on yourself and feel great about it. I offer restorative weekly themed sessions – such as building self-confidence and resilience.  You will leave feeling stronger and more flexible in body and mind, deeply relaxed, helping you to cope with challenges, and bringing harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

The sessions focus on energising your nervous system through a unique blend of Kundalini Yoga and breathing exercises, sending your worries packing through meditative and relaxing practices working on the conscious and unconscious mind with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and with guided visualisation, sound healing and essentials oils.

If you want to quieten the chatter in your mind, putting yourself into a state of balance and inner strength, this session is for you!

No prior experience is required. All genders welcome.

You will benefit more by attending all the sessions of this 8-week program. However, each session stands on its own and you are welcome to attend as many as you can.

“If you want an hour for yourself, to declutter and strengthen the mind and body whilst being surrounded by beautiful scents, flowers and essential oils, definitely give Cecile’s session a try!” – Ana Maria, Portugal/UK

 “I look forward to my sessions for the opportunity to genuinely pause. And with Cecile we pause with a purpose, such as a personal goal, gratitude or mental clarity. Cecile uses many techniques in her class and I especially love the singing bowls and visualising couleurs. Kundalini Yoga is like nothing I’ve done before and challenges me to move in ways I am not used to, while giving me a sense of calm. The deep relaxation techniques combined with NLP rejuvenate mind, body and soul and give clear focus for the week ahead. Cecile’s natural passion for a holistic approach to life paired with her extensive knowledge, provide a session that leaves me feeling relaxed, renewed and energized. Highly recommended!” – Karen, UK

 “Cecile has expertly combined yoga and NLP to create a session that leaves me deeply relaxed and in tune with my body. She has a wonderful calm presence that sets an atmosphere of peace, bringing my busy mind to rest, and allowing me the space to focus on slowing down”. – Paul, South Africa

“This session – with a gentle and professional approach – yoga, relaxation and meditation for a unique class, providing 100% wellbeing. I love being gradually led to release all tensions, physical and mental, thanks to simple and pleasant exercises. The meditation that follows then come naturally and deeply. Gently and skillfully, the rhythm of the class brings calm and serenity, in a cosy atmosphere conductive of absolute relaxation. I highly recommend this class to feel good without hesitation” –  Juliette, France