Ideas and starting points

Our ideas began with two words, space and simply.

As a verb, space is to put blanks between; words, letters, or lines. As a noun, space is a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. It is also the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move. Space is an interval of time. Space also denotes the freedom to live, think, and develop in a way that suits one.

Our second key inspiration is the word simply, which can be defined as something to be in a straightforward or plain manner, merely or just. The concept of simply can be used to introduce a short summary of a situation. It is also an absolute, something complete or used for emphasis. Simply as a concept is used in our vision to not define shape or form but to identify relations.

The absence of what is unnecessary is inherent within traditional Japanese architecture. This also extends to concepts of less and more, themes that we view to be inherently connected with contemporary life. These definition and meanings strongly resonated within us and inspired us when we began to imagine our own space 2B, live simply.

We began by exploring how we experience intimate space and developed essential ideas around themes such as; place, material, energy, presence, recollection, memories, images, density, atmosphere, permanence, and concentration.

The resulting planes, right angles and volumes generated from our plan are combined in a manner to define a place to transcend geometrical space, in order to dream and to imagine.

Thresholds, edges and outer line borders are defining aspects of the interior. A monochrome portal frame celebrates transition and entrance into the space. The ins and outs of junctions and corners are prepared for encounters with voids.

We chose furniture pieces from the Danish modern design period that spoke of creativity, high quality craftsmanship and intended long life which promote and evoke a feeling of intimacy through continued use.

We planned our space with the goal of providing a degree of serenity, although we know this is a highly personal and very difficult thing to quantify. Our goal has been to create a place with both peace and serenity to help evoke a positive feeling within and help our meditators to feel comfortable to communicate and contemplate. We are interested in and feel it is very important to make a space that aims to make people calm and at peace. However we also acknowledge that design is a process without end and foresee space2B to evolve with time.