SPACE 2B has something for everyone. Whether you’re curious about exploring the basics of meditation, or searching for a profoundly immersive experience, we have something that’s perfect for you. Explore mindfulness, relaxation, breathwork, visualization, movement, sound, and creativity with our lineup of offerings.


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Transforming Negativity and Stress into Positivity and Energy
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Healing for Tiredness
Ma Durga
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A Journey through the Chakras

In this 7-week Kundalini Yoga series, we will explore the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of each chakras. Every class will include a brief intro to the chakra as well a Kriya and meditation designed to awaken that specific center.”We study the chakras to gain knowledge about the nature of our energy and how we are using it. As we develop each chakra, we integrate that aspect into our consciousness and become more whole. Step by step, the often-hidden faculties, skills, and gifts encoded in our elegant complexity are revealed. The chakras offer us a systemic way of relating to different energetic expressions and to the vital life force that animates our being and navigates our journey of consciousness.” ~Guru Rattana
Everyone is welcome. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

AcroYoga Therapeutic Flying

AcroYoga has 3 main elements to the practice, yoga, acrobatics and healing arts. Therapeutic flying falls under the healing art practice. Some people might call therapeutic flying “flying Thai massage” or “aerial massage”. Bases (givers) will guide the flyers (receivers) into the inverted flying position on their feet and maneuver the flyers through some passive assisted stretches and massages using gravity. A lot of the poses and moves focus on spinal elongation and traction. This opportunity of positive and healthy touch/contact helps you cultivate a more open and compassionate communication towards each other. Your whole body becomes the expression of unconditional love and the symbol of balance, the balance between strength and softness. Join us and surprise yourself with your own abilities. No partner or prior experience required.

Advanced Yoga Practice (AYP) Deep Meditation

Do you know you can put your mind on “silent mode” if you meditated using a specific mantra and a whole system of yoga?  This meditation erases all obstructions (one layer at a time) permanently in a way that modern psychology cannot.  Deep meditation and the system of Advanced Yoga Practices will allow you to create deep inner silence throughout the day and greater bliss than…anything you have ever experienced.  The system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga and helps them build up to an advanced level yoga practice including samyama — the practice of moving inner silence outward into daily action. Suitable to all levels.

Awaken Your Energy through Tantric Kriya Yoga

Awakening and transmutation of subtle energies is the heart of tantric practice. This is an invitation to explore your most essential and creative forces in life. This practice activates energies in your body through powerful combination of “active tension-relaxation” movement, breath work, visualization, bandhas, and somatic meditation to purify and cultivate the energies of your body. This is a step-by-step guidance for generating and containing more energy in your body, directing energy for clarity, creativity, rejuvenation and self-healing.

Better Sleep Meditation

“There’s something sacred in all of us that we need to protect, and sleep is a way to connect with it, nourish it, and make it more present in our lives”. Arianna Huffington
Proper sleep is something we all need. It nourishes our bodies and minds helping us feel well and be on top of our game. All the stress we experience may disrupt healthy sleep patterns, leaving us tired and drained.

What do doctors recommend for a better sleep? You must have already heard of the term ‘sleep hygiene’, including things like regular nightly routines, taking a warm shower, reading, and most importantly, no screen time after dusk. But what if your mind still remains active? That’s where Meditation comes to the rescue, calming the body and mind and clearing the ‘in-tray’ of our thoughts. In this class we will use a step-by-step method to clear the chatter of the mind and lead it into a state of rest and relaxation. The technique we will be using is simple, efficient and perfectly suited for beginners in meditation. Join us for a soothing, nourishing and calming evening preparing you for a deep and restful sleep.

Busy Mind – Quiet Mind

“The Mind is one of the most beautiful mechanisms. Science has not yet been able to create anything parallel to it. The mind still remains the masterpiece – so complicated, so tremendously powerful, with so much potential.” Osho

In this meditation class you you will learn an effective method of clearing your mind from tension, anxiety, worry and recurring thoughts. Moving through the stages of this active meditation you will be able to experience a difference between an active and a quiet mind. This meditation will help you to clear the mental chatter, create spaciousness, awareness and presence and to enjoy the the mind that is peaceful and tranquil.

Conscious Relaxation through Yoga Nidra

Do you know how to relax consciously from the muscular tensions, emotional tensions and mental tensions? Do you know the secret of inner transformation?
Yoga Nidra is a form of psychic sleep which is derived from Tantra Shastras. It is a powerful yogic technique in which you learn to relax consciously from all inner tensions while you remain aware throughout the practice. Only with a release of tension, deep relaxation and peace of mind that man can realize his true nature. Benefits of Yoga Nidra include: i) Release of 3-fold tensions; ii) Inducing psychic and physiological rest and rejuvenation; iii) Removal of unwanted habits or patterns; iv) Healing certain diseases; v) Awakening of intuitions and extra-sensorial perception; vi) Directing the mind to accomplish anything you want including experience of Self- Realization.

Deep Calm

This Tantric style of right-brain oriented, bottom-up somatic embodied approach uses breath, visualization, and the simple direct physical experience of our primordial space of silence and stillness. This spacious awareness is the birthplace of happiness, creativity, insight and infinite possibilities. You learn to have access to the inner stillness and calm that always lies beneath the choppy surface of thought and emotion. Tap into the timeless wisdom that rests within you. If you feel stuck or looking for inspiration, this class is for you!

Deep Restorative Yoga

This Restorative Practice is designed to calm the nervous system, release physical tension & soothe the spirit. By relaxing in poses with the aid of props, without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This means moving out of the hectic, “fight or flight” state where we typically reside and into a more mindful frame of being where we can “rest & digest.”
This practice is great to balance an active yoga schedule or to give yourself a break when you feel under the weather.

Energizing Meditation

We explore active meditations that help you release stagnant energy, reconnect with your body, re-establish energy flow, increase awareness and add to your creativity. Acting as energetic shower, this meditations require you to put in active effort in order to feel invigorated, fresh and energized. Whether you are an experienced meditator, never tried to meditate before or think that meditation is boring and difficult, we invite you to explore these energetic and fun techniques with us.

Friday Night Meditation

“Meditation is rest, absolute rest, a full stop to all activity – physical, mental, emotional.”
After a long and busy week, come to relax, unwind and rest in this meditation class. We will be using gentle and soft meditation techniques to help you declutter your mind and leave the worries of the week behind. Let your physical and emotional stress melt away as you gradually calm your body and mind through this practice. Putting aside activities of the daily life and creating space for peace and stillness, this meditation will help you to prepare for a relaxing and restful weekend.
Both first-timers and experienced meditators are welcome to attend.

Going Beyond Happiness

Find a Deeper Level of Fulfilment and Wellbeing in Your Life!
Everyone is looking for happiness, and yet often it is our strong attachment to what we think will give us happiness that actually get in the way of accessing a deeper level of contentment and wellbeing that is always available to us. This meditation session teaches how to go beyond ordinary forms of happiness to a deeper and more stable form of contentment and wellbeing.
Yoga for the Pelvis- Reconnect to your Core
Awaken your body’s energetic center through a series of physical postures and breathing techniques that engages your core – the seat of your power.

Trained as a Physiotherapist, in his Yoga classes, Max brings his knowledge and experience of human anatomy and biomechanics to ensure that students have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation, which will allow them to progress quicker and safer in the long run. He uses Pilates as a successful tool for the management and rehab of many of his clients from his extensive repertoire training in Clinical Pilates (Mat & Equipment) at Pilates Institute of Queensland and Polestar Pilates.

Healing for Tiredness

Do you know that feeling tired or fatigued is a kind of physical powerlessness?

Whenever you experience tiredness, it means you don’t feel strong enough to continue the task before you. If any action brings you tiredness, you already carry a belief of “impossibility”, the subtle “impossibility” is already developed in you. Every tiredness is a conflict in your beliefs. Tiredness always comes by the perceived problems, not by the real problems. Tiredness happens to you only based on your incompletions from the past, and the expectations which come out of the incompletions. In this session, you will learn how to build physical powerfulness by aligning yourself back to the powerful cognitions of integrity and authenticity with the body.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Join us for a gentle and nourishing meditation to open the heart chakra through feelings of gratitude, offering and devotion. In this meditation we connect with our heart center, harmonizing the energies of giving and receiving, calming the body and mind and balancing emotions. Relaxing and soothing, this meditation is the best gift you can give to yourself after a long and busy day.
Both first-timers and experienced meditators are welcome to attend.

Integral Meditation

Toby will bring 20 years of mindfulness experience into this session, easing you into a deep mindfulness and guided meditation practice. Learn how to develop mental flow-states of both functional focus and relaxation, greater levels of mental resilience and positivity in the face of life challenges. You’ll feel more focused, calm, productive and joyful.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

The technology of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan is a precise science combining breath, sound and movement. It swiftly charges your electromagnetic field and directly impacts your nervous and glandular systems. The result: You are more centered and radiant in a short time.

Learn to Meditate

As modern life can get pretty busy, you may notice that your mind is also busy or restless sometimes. Meditation can be a great way to quieten and ease it in a naturally way. In this session we will bring our attention inwards. We will use a simple and effective meditation technique to clear the chatter of the mind and create space for peace and relaxation. An ancient practice, meditation is gaining popularity around the world and is backed by a solid scientific research. Its benefits may include:
– improved memory and focus
– lower stress and anxiety levels
– better sleep
– increased intuition
– improved immune system function
– self-awareness
– emotional resilience
Join us to experience this practice and its benefits firsthand.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving kindness meditation, also known as Metta, is a method of developing compassion and benevolence towards oneself and others. In this session, we will learn how to focus on our wellbeing, utilising words, imagery, and feelings to open the heart and cultivate love and friendliness, while finding peace, joy and the true wishes of our hearts.

Meditation for Busy Minds

As the pace of modern life accelerates, our minds become ever more busy.
With so much to remember and a lot of information to process, countless thoughts constantly occupy our minds. Even at night our thoughts do not stop, and we lose our restful sleep. In this state of mind, meditation may seem like a daunting task.
Meditation for Busy Minds will help you overcome these challenges.
Using a well established method and a rich variety of techniques, we will approach meditation from a new perspective.
While based on an ancient tradition, this class is designed to make meditation more suitable for the modern men and women.
Going though the stages of this practice, we will take the mind on a journey from business and stress to stillness and relaxation.

Meditation Medicine: Managing Emotions

This class invites you to sit with the more difficult emotions in life; such as grief, anger, fear, perfectionism, self criticism, depression, and so on. We will reflect upon sacred teachings from Yoga & Ayurveda, and use meditation as a tool for much-needed mental relief. We will learn to embrace difficult emotions that arise in daily life, let go of the excess baggage, and leave the class feeling lighter and clearer.
~”The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still”.~

Mental Clarity

Back by popular requests!
Mental health is the clarity to digest and work with all the ideas and problems that you encounter; and arrive at the most effective solution. It means living at your peak in a conflict-free life, with yourself and others. When you add meditation to your life, you will experience a flood of transformation, especially at the mental and emotional levels! Meditation can bring tremendous awareness in the outer and inner worlds. You start living your life in a much better way, with greater awareness and intensity. You will be more alive, more creative. Yet internally, you will experience a deep and undisturbed silence.

Midday Meditation

Take a peaceful and relaxing midday break to nourish and pamper yourself with this meditation. For this one hour we will escape the business of the city to come back to ourselves, ground, centre and de-stress. This meditation is designed to help you clear the mind, increase awareness and focus, and harmonize the body and mind. Whether you are a new or an experienced meditator, this class can help you feel refreshed and ready to take on new challenges like never before.

Mind at Peace

This meditation class is designed to help you clear your mind from tension, anxiety, worry and ruminative thoughts. Even if you have a fairly active mind it can lead you to experience how still and quiet the mind can actually be. With this meditation you will be able to clear the mental chatter, create spaciousness, awareness and presence and enjoy the the mind that is peaceful and tranquil.
Both first-timers and experienced meditators are welcome to attend

Mindful Yin Yoga + Chimes

Calm your mind, repair your body and nourish your heart in this therapeutic mindfulness Yin Yoga class for all levels. Incorporating gentle yin yoga, chimes sound healing, breathing techniques, and guided meditation, this class taps into our natural ability to heal ourselves in each present moment.

This exploration of experience moment by moment welcomes you to “be” within the concept of Ahimsa (do no harm) and Compassion, eradicating all performance goals as we deepen our practice by watching the body, mind and heart weave into a creative interplay of repair, clarity and joy.

Optimize your Inner Calm and Resilience

Cultivate inner calm, develop flexibility, strength & wisdom of mind, & discover higher daily energy levels with a single integrated meditation practice.

Toby will bring 20 years of mindfulness experience into this class, to help you manage your stress & anxiety better, easing you to be more calmly present to your world & life.

Reiki Yoga + Chimes

Reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities. It helps to promote and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Whatever health or wellness issue one suffer from, including physical ailments, disease, stress or anxiety, and any emotional or trauma based issues can often be helped with Reiki in a safe, very gentle and releasing way. Reiki and Yoga can be practiced in conjunction with each another to experience ultimate transformation. Reiki Yoga focus on slowing down and opening the body through gentle passive stretches. Once one is completely open to receiving, Reiki will naturally flow to the area of the body, mind, or spirit, where it is most needed. Keep an open heart, and release any attachment to the outcome of your session. Practicing Reiki Yoga can be a fortunate discovery for nourishing the inner self.

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Experience a restorative practice designed to deepen the breath, rest tired bodies and calm busy minds. A combination of restorative yoga and sound bath to deepen your sense of listening, invite deep relaxation, influence your own inner frequency to reduce stress, release negative feelings and emotions, and bring healing to your body and mind. A unique blend of instruments and sounds will used deepen the effects of Restorative practice. Essential oils are often used. A perfect synergy to help you let go and RESTORE.

Revive and Thrive with Sound Bath

Are you craving some time for yourself, to meditate and rejuvenate? If you want to quieten the chatter in your mind, put yourself into a state of balance and inner strength, this session is for you! Cecile creates the ambiance that will guide you to focus exclusively on yourself. You will enjoy the present moment, with all your senses.The sessions are experienced first through gentle postures and breathing exercises to relax your body, followed by meditative and relaxing practices to relax your mind deeply. Whilst you lie down, you will be accompanied by sound bath, guided meditations, visualisations and essential oils. The intentionally chosen self-care techniques will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and calm, and will help you be stronger and more flexible in body and mind to cope with your busy life.

The Relaxed Mind

Keen to still the mind but not sure where to start? Calm your mind and restore clarity in this mindfulness class for all levels as we’ll show you how to start, feel better, reduce your stress, and enjoy life a little more. Incorporating simple everyday breathing techniques, gentle yoga, and guided meditation, this class provides an opportunity for one to get away from the “monkey mind” that never seems to stop moving. Feel a sense of connectedness to your own being as we wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical processes.

Third Eye Meditation

In this class we will use meditation that has a potential to activate the third eye for increased intuition and improved concentration.
It is said that when the third eye opens things that have never been clear before suddenly become clear.
This meditation combines famous elements of ancient yogic tradition – breathing, candle gazing, gentle movement and silent observation into a harmonious and relaxing technique. This meditation helps to calm and purifies the mind, cultivate awareness and relax the body.
Both experienced meditators and beginners are welcome to attend.

Transforming Negativity and Stress into Positivity and Energy

Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, attachment – Ordinarily we see these states of mind and emotion as negative; things that get in the way of our happiness and wellbeing, and prevent us from achieving the goals and quality of life that we would like. But what if there was a way in which we could learn to work with these negative and difficult energies in such a way that we could transform and redirect them, making them sources of positive and empowering energy, helping us to accomplish our goals and awaken to a new level of fulfillment? This class is exactly that; it teaches you how you can transform your stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions into forces for the good in your life.

Vocal Toning & Sound Circle

This is a simple practice aimed at using your voice, your spontaneous natural vocal tones to increase your energy, manage stress levels and enhance your meditation practice. Tap into the potential of the diaphragmatic breath which will help with breathing efficiency, sleep & balancing your mood & emotions.

In this class, you will learn about the fundamentals of sound healing and explore how developing an awareness of your voice can help you see the power of your words and vibration in influencing our perception of ourselves and our reality. We will work with mantras, sound healing instruments, vocal toning, affirmations and explore sound’s influence in all aspects of our life.

Toning requires no skill or singing talent. Anyone with vocal cords can do it. All you need is your voice and a bottle of water.

Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation & Stress Relief

Yoga Nidra originates from ancient Tantric practices, and is the science of deep relaxation with inner awareness – where you appear to be asleep, but consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness.
In this session, you experience the various dimensions of your being and awake consciousness in areas where it is usually dormant due to tensions. You will experience the depths of your subconscious mind while releasing physical, emotional and mental tensions.

Your Presence Heals

Your body is matter, your presence is energy which is purely weightless. Whenever your presence leaves the body, it becomes heavy. There are 2 types of heaviness – physical heaviness means pain, disease in the body whereas mental heaviness means agitation of the mind due to unawareness. The more you are aware, the more you become weightless in the meditative state. Weightlessness is the path and goal to go beyond the mind. In this session, you will learn how to give your presence to your body and heal yourself!


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