SPACE 2B is more than just a wellness studio–we are a dedicated collective of mindfulness mentors who believe in the power of meditation and sound to transform your life and your work from the inside out.

We offer over 30 weekly sound healing, meditation & somatic experiences led by highly trained instructors. We have daily body and coaching therapy sessions, regular monthly special events, immersive tantra trainings and sound healing teacher trainings, to help you feel your body, and deeply connect with yourself from within.



We are in unusual times with the COVID-19 Virus. During this period of great change and new challenges, we would like to support you and invite you to our new on-line offerings in the comfort of your own home but connected in spirit and shared transformational experience.



Explore mindfulness, relaxation, breathwork, visualization, movement, sound, and creativity with our lineup of active and contemplative meditative practices.

Great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation before you go to work, during your lunch break or before you go home.



Our Events, Workshops are designed to support you on your own inner exploration of meditation, to come home to your joy, your wellbeing, your peace that is all within.

You will learn powerful methods and deepen your practice to dive deep within and learn how to love yourself, be exactly who you are and to be all that you can be.



Our coaches open themselves to your state of being and to see and receive you as you are. They hold a safe, sacred and non-judgmental space for you to express yourself freely. They are here to mirror to you what you need to see about your process.



Our guided meditation sessions, workshops, team retreats, and other corporate wellness programs help your company blossom into a vibrant, nurturing, and highly desirable place to work.

Bring our teachers directly to you for an in-office session, or invite your team to our beautiful studio for an afternoon of team-building, networking, or celebration.

Latest Trainings

This training will give you the tools and techniques to conduct Crystal Bowls sound healing sessions for self, and one-on-one private sessions for individual clients.

7 January 2024, Sunday
10 January 2024, Wednesday
4 February 2024, Sunday
14 February 2024, Wednesday
3 March 2024, Sunday
13 March 2024, Wednesday
7 April 2024, Sunday
10 April 2024, Wednesday
5 May 2024, Sunday
8 May 2024, Wednesday
2 June 2024, Sunday
12 June 2024, Wednesday

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This training will give you the tools and techniques to conduct Group Singing Bowls Sound Bath and One-on-One Private Sound Healing Therapy session for clients. A journey of Self Mastery and Awareness through the sacred sounds of Singing Bowls.

14 January 2024, Sunday
17 January 2024, Wednesday
11 February 2024, Sunday
21 February 2024, Wednesday
10 March 2024, Sunday
20 March 2024, Wednesday
14 April 2024, Sunday
17 April 2024, Wednesday
12 May 2024, Sunday
15 May 2024, Wednesday
16 June 2024, Sunday
19 June 2024, Wednesday

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This training will give you the tools and techniques to conduct Gongs sound healing sessions for self, and one-on-one private sessions for individual clients.

24 June 2023, Saturday
29 July 2023, Saturday
26 August 2023, Saturday
30 September 2023, Saturday
28 October 2023, Saturday
25 November 2023, Saturday

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An introduction to Tantra as a way of life, you will learn how to activate the life force through breathwork, visualization and movement, and transmute the sexual energy to feel alive and juicy.

10 February 2024, Saturday
16 March 2024, Saturday
13 April 2024, Saturday
11 May 2024, Saturday
15 June 2024, Saturday
13 July 2024, Saturday
17 August 2024, Saturday
14 September 2024, Saturday
16 November 2024, Saturday
11 December 2024, Monday
14 December 2024, Saturday

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Core beliefs about ourselves, others and the world are learned during childhood.

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Unlocking Your Hidden Gold & Embracing Your Dark Side

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The practice of Tantra is considered to be the highest and most rapid path to enlightenment.

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As a couple, how can you keep the spark alive in your relationship? No matter how long you have been together, what fuels the passion and keeps the flame burning?

17 February 2024, Saturday
23 March 2024, Saturday
20 April 2024, Saturday
18 May 2024, Saturday
22 June 2024, Saturday
20 July 2024, Saturday
24 August 2024, Saturday
21 September 2024, Saturday
23 November 2024, Saturday
21 December 2024, Saturday

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This 2 day foundational training is for people who want to learn and practice Reiki as a (self)healing method.

2 days – 6 January & 13 January 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 3 February & 10 February 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 2 March & 9 March 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 6 April & 13 April 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 4 May & 11 May2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 1 June & 8 June 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 6 July & 13 July 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 3 August & 10 August 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 7 September & 14 September 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 5 October & 12 October 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 2 November & 9 November 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 7 December & 14 December 2024 (Saturdays)


You will receive 2 attunements to activate and align your Chakras while awakening your power. You will learn Reiki’s 3 sacred symbols: – Power up symbol. – Emotional healing symbol – Distance healing symbol.

2 days – 16 March & 23 March 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 18 May & 25 May 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 20 July & 27 July 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 21 September & 28 September 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 16 November & 23 November 2024 (Saturdays)

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We have the perfect space for your personal and business needs. Our event team will work with you to accommodate all of your needs for your events.

Meet Our Team

  • AKI Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks Sound Healing
  • CAROLINE Sound, Yoga
  • FELICIA General Manager, Yoga Nidra, Reiki Energy Healing, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Crystal Bowls
  • JENN Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®️
  • PAT Yoga - Hatha, Stretch, Yin, Breathwork, Meditations & Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls
  • SHI MIN Partner, Tantra, Sound Healing
  • SWAMI NADAM Active Meditations
  • TINGLES Gongs, Singing Bowls, Yoga Nidra
  • YOSHIE Reiki, Aura-Soma® Consultation, Astrology Consultation, Aura Soma® Pomander, Master Sequence Meditation & Sound Healing, Crystal Tones Sacred Temple Keeper